Lionsgate Portal Manifestation Candle

Lionsgate Portal Manifestation Candle


The Lionsgate Portal opens from July 26th to August 12th, sending beams of high vibrational energy to our planet Earth. The energies are at their peak on August 8th. Our Limited Edition Lionsgate Portal Manifestation Candles are poured from August 8 to August 12th.

In numerology, the 8th day of the 8th month is a highly spiritual and charged time. The number 8 represents infinity, It represents the part of us that lives on forever after this lifetime.

8 is associated with abundance, power, and the higher realms of consciousness, making 8/8 a super potent time to charge and clear our energy and manifest our desires.

Another event during this time is the movement of the Sun into its ruling sign of Leo (the sign of the Lion) and the rising of the star Sirius. Each candle is poured during this time in order to capture this unique, powerful and amazing energy!

LUNAR PHASE: Waxing Moon

CRYSTALS: Citrine Points and Clear Quartz Points with Quartz Chips

CHAKRA: Solar Plexus

FRAGRANCE: Cardamom and Star Anise

VESSELl: Clear Glass

Approx Weight: 2.5 lbs

Approx Size: 3.5x5

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